Are Cities the New Future? Take This Quiz and Find Out


Cities Futur

In short, people like people. This has long been held to be a truism, but thanks to the latest groundbreaking research on human interaction, 99 out of 100 scientists can now prove that cities are where people are. Richard Glaeser, an internationally recognized Harvard slash Toronto economist tells it like it is:

“The creative individual is no longer viewed as an iconoclast. He—or she—is the new skyscraper.”

A new era is dawning thanks to Millennials, who don’t do anything you might do and do everything differently because the internet.

Plus, quinoa has amazing remedial qualities. Take this quiz and find out!

1) What is taller than a breadbox but makes you feel funny inside?

a) Celery

b) Quinoa

c) The Washington Monument

d) Cities!


2) How many people do you know?

a) A few

b) A lot

c) Cities!

d) Nobody


3) Are you alone right now?

a) Cities!

b) Yes

c) No

d) Maybe I can’t tell


4) Do you like the internets?

a) Cities

b) Yes

c) No

d) Maybe I can’t tell


5) What is the distance from your home to the nearest mailbox?

a) Less than one mile

b) Between one mile and five miles

c) More than five miles

d) Cities!


6) If you were to describe yourself with one word, what would it be?

a) Cities!

b) Rural nothingness

c) Suicide


7) Did you grow up using a telephone daily?

a) Cities!

b) Porn


8) How often do you eat at a restaurant?

a) Always

b) Never

c) Cities!


9) Do your friends also enjoy viral marketing?

a) Cities!


10) If you were stranded on a desert island, which one thing would you take with you?

a) A smart phone

b) A car

c) A Cities!


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