6 Shocking Pictures of Millenials Not Driving

Millenials – also known as the generation that will pay for your Social Security the next few decades – have debunked a few common American Dream trends that had been assumed staples in the 20th century. One major trend is the notion that Millenials drive less, and are not seeking vehicle ownership as our parents did.

To truly demonstrate the reality of this terrifying, economy-breaking, environment-shattering trend, here are several images of our generation not driving in automobiles. Warning: these images are not meant for the faint of heart.

1) Here is a group of Millenials taking a selfie. They are too busy trying to look good for the camera that they don’t realize that none of them own a car.

image (2)

2) Here are two stock photo Millenials riding bikes with fedoras. I assume they are having a grand old time because they know they look simply adorable by not sitting in an automobile.

image (3)

3) Here are several Millenials volunteering, another burgeoning generational activity. They probably all took the light rail to get to this nature-y site, and are beaming with profound happiness at the fact that they are taking a break trying to find a full-time job and stressing over their 5-figure student loan debt.


4) Here are Millenials at a rave. Probs took Uber to get here.

image (1)

5) Here are some Millenials enjoying company and a fine local craft beer. Instead of driving, they all rode this dog and parked him/her right next to the bar.


6) And finally, these Millenials are all talking on their cell phones, but we know that nobody actually talks on a cell phone nowadays. They probably have to call home to tell their parents that they no longer want the family’s 1999 Yaris that has been parked in the auxiliary garage for the past 6 years.


Chris Iverson

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Chris Iverson is a transportation engineer & planner for the City of Bellevue, WA and currently lives in Seattle. He holds degrees in both Civil Engineering & Urban Studies from the University of Minnesota, and worked on a myriad of transit & multimodal transportation projects in the Twin Cities. He is a former Minnesota Daily columnist, RAGBRAI participant, bad musician, marathon finisher, and an unabashed generalist.