4 Helpful Mnemonics for Remembering Which 21 Bus is Which

Most Metro Transit buses have branch letters following the route numbers, which indicate where the route goes. It’s also ignored by the vast majority of riders, until they find themselves plunked down halfway to where they thought they were going. The various 21s present perhaps the most difficulties. But fear not: you can remember them using this handy (and sadly, not particularly snarky) guide.

21A – “All the way.” Goes all the way to downtown St. Paul. This is the one the vast majority of people want.

21C – “Crosses Cleveland.” And a little bit further. Gets you to the Midway in St. Paul.

21D – “Divinity degree.” Ends at the fine Catholic institution of higher learning, the University of St. Thomas, just inside St. Paul city limits.

21E – “Ends early.” Only goes to 27th Ave. S., right by the Wendy’s. Sorry, you wanted the 21A. One should be coming by in a few minutes.


Photo credit Metro Transit.

“All the way.”