Sunday Summary – December 28, 2014

sunday-summary-logoThe last Sunday Summary of 2014 is short with only three posts this week.  In the end of the year tradition of summing things up, we can note that 2014 marked the beginning of the Sunday Summary feature (you can read the whole year on in weekly chunks here). In 2014, also tried to become more inclusive by seeking new writers, different voices, more diverse topics, and evaluating our own rhetoric for bias (you can read about early conversations here).

This week Map of the Day: Where People Run, Walk, and Bike in Minneapolis/St. Paul uses data from RunKeeper. Commenters wonder about how data from a smart phone app might exclude some runners, walkers and bikers from the data.

Main Street – Glencoe, Minnesota takes another excursion to a Minnesota county seat.  Other county seats visited so far (there are 87 in Minnesota) can be visited from your desk here.

The conversation starter of the week is A Corner Store Classic which looks at one architectural building block as it is used around the Twin Cities. Commenters add to the list of where to find the neighborhood-scale store with a corner entrance like this:

35th Street and 23rd Avenue S.

35th Street and 23rd Avenue S.

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