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Old timey typewriterIf you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in the mission of, which is to “expand and enhance the conversation about transportation and land use” all throughout Minnesota.

This includes everything from environmental policy to architecture and preservation to the vitality of your local main street to the sidewalk in front of your house.

One of the challenges about achieving this goal is to make sure that many different perspectives on our streets, cities, and public spaces are included in the conversation here. This is easier said than done…

That’s why we need you to write for us!

In particular, we’d love to have more diverse perspectives represented on the site. That can come in a lot of forms, from including more women, people of color, and people of all ages and abilities to including people from different types of communities (suburbs, exurbs, central cities) and from across the state. Not to mention, we’d love to include a wide spectrum of well-reasoned perspectives about different modes and topics, including the pros and cons of driving or single-family houses!

We’re an all-volunteer organization, and rely on the kindness, energy, and ideas of communities across Minnesota. We don’t have a lot of financial assets [please join!], but we are rich in energy and ideas, and have a great pool of people who are willing to help you try writing for the site.

We’ve added a ‘Write’ page on the top menu bar. If you have thoughts about your neighborhood, city, or street, why not try sharing them with the community?

Shoot an email to to get in touch, and we’ll help you get your voice heard.

Bill Lindeke

About Bill Lindeke

Pronouns: he/him

Bill Lindeke has writing blogging about sidewalks and cities since 2005, ever since he read Jane Jacobs. He is a lecturer in Urban Studies at the University of Minnesota Geography Department, the Cityscape columnist at Minnpost, and has written multiple books on local urban history. He was born in Minneapolis, but has spent most of his time in St Paul. Check out Twitter @BillLindeke or on Facebook.