Win a Green Line Hat

In honor of its one-year anniversary, this is your chance to win a piece of the Green Line!


This green, 100% cotton, one-size-fits-all baseball cap comes with a patch of actual Green Line seat upholstery sewn on the front. Share your most interesting anecdote about riding the Green Line in the comments by this Friday. The best anecdote wins the hat.

The best one I’ve got is, once when I was taking the Green Line back home from Trieu Chau, as it rolled into a station (don’t remember which) there was a little boy of about 12 standing right outside my window. The whole time the train was stopped, he beamed at me and waved. I smiled and waved back at him. But just as the train began to depart, he suddenly hocked a loogie right at the window!  I felt mildly insulted, yet relieved not to have loogie on me.

But I’m sure someone can top that. I’ll announce the winner on June 14, the Green Line’s official one-year anniversary.

Joe Scott

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