Chart of the Day: Housing Supply in Four Saint Paul Neighborhoods

Via St. Paul Real Estate blog, a chart showing how housing supply (or “how long it would take to sell all of the houses that are currently for sale at the current rate they are being purchased or absorbed”) has changed in four “hot” Saint Paul neighborhoods.


Frankly, I don’t know what this means. Hamline-Midway seems booming, I suppose. Here’s a quote from the blog:

There is a 2.5 month supply of houses on the market in the Hamline Midway neighborhood. That might be because homes in that neighborhood are more affordable than they are in other neighborhoods. The average sale price in the Midway area is $160K compared with an $198K average for the rest of the city.  In Saint Paul there is a 3.7 month supply of homes on the market which makes it a strong seller’s market.


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