Metropolitan State University's new parking ramp

At Metropolitan State University Parking Defeats Education

Susan Klingenberg writes to about an article from 2 years ago: Mis-structuring employee parking charges: An example from a local university, about beleaguered Metropolitan State University. The facts in this letter have been corroborated by Metropolitan State University staff. Relevant documentation can be found in this PDF, compiled from email messages to the Metro State Community: MSParking1.

Metropolitan State University's new parking ramp

Metropolitan State University’s new parking ramp


I was happy to find a past article by David Levinson about the parking ramp at Metro State and how they are charging everyone for it whether they need it or not.

I have been talking to Metro and their attitude is flippant at best. It is outrageous that the students have to pay for this. My daughter has no car, takes the bus, and is being charged $183 this semester for the parking ramp she will never use. No opt out. Told it was all decided by Student Senate. Then I am told that even if we “choose” to take the bus or “choose” to have no car, the ramp is available for our use.

Ridiculous, there is no meaning to that. It seems this is a classic case where the have nots are forced to pay for those who have, there is no choice, no voice, no benefit.

  • And they are getting away with it?
  • How can they take FAFSA [Financial Aid] funds from low income people to pay for a ramp we can’t use?
  • How can it be legal?

My daughter had to drop a class to pay for their ramp she can never use. It’s their attitude, they do not care about anything but feathering their own nest, and if it’s from poor students with no car, they take FAFSA funds to pay for Metro’s new car ramp.

It is just so wrong, tell me how, in any way, can this be right?

Thank you,


Susan K.

Anyone concerned with this might contact the following individuals who are in the chain of command regarding the financing of the parking ramp, or your local legislator.