2015 streets.fundraiser – Thursday, December 17th

Hello there, streets.community!

All of you! There are many. Since our humble beginnings in 2012, we’ve grown into an organization with over a hundred writers. Those writers have produced thousands of posts, which have in turn been read by hundreds of thousands of readers across Minnesota, the United States, and even the world.

Some of Andy Singer’s cartoons got a bunch of attention in Spain over the weekend! Did Chris Iverson give St. Paul and the MLS the idea for the Minnesota United stadium on the bus barn site? Does CityLab feel bad about heavily sampling one of Lindsay Lindsey Wallace’s posts?

Crazy world this is, but it is getting better, and we’d like to think we have done some things to help! We have organized events, we have gotten people talking, we have moved needles, we have tricked local TV news into covering important subjects. We have, hopefully, expanded the conversation on land use and transportation issues in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota. That’s our mission.

Will you help support our mission?

We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and we run–and our servers run–on your valuable support. To that end, we are having a fundraiser next month, on Thursday, December 17, at 6:00 PM. Right next to Holidazzle in Loring Park! You will be able to see it from the event, and you are encouraged to walk around after.

There will be topical bingo, a silent auction, and refreshments.

What are we raising money for? Some number of things. First and foremost, a website upgrade, including a more functional integration with our forums. But also to support day-to-day operations on a website that gets thousands of views every day.

Please join us! You can buy tickets here.

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Nick Magrino

About Nick Magrino

Nick Magrino grew up all over the place but has lived in the Loring Park neighborhood of Minneapolis longer than anywhere else. He has a new cat, Sweater, and does not use hashtags at @nickmagrino. He is probably on a bus right now.