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Nick Magrino

Nick Magrino

Nick Magrino grew up all over the place but has lived in the Loring Park neighborhood of Minneapolis longer than anywhere else. He has a new cat, Sweater, and does not use hashtags at @nickmagrino. He is probably on a bus right now.

Introducing the B & E Lines in Minneapolis

Hello, all! I write today to bring your attention to a very interesting and good PDF (portable document format) on the Metropolitan Council’s website that talks a lot about arterial bus rapid transit (aBRT), also known as the only clearly good thing that we’re doing right now, transit-wise. These “aBRT” lines are buses that have […]

University of Colorado A Line Map

Mile-High Mishap: Denver Accidentally Misnames New Train

A couple weeks ago, I headed out to Colorado, the Centennial State, with buddy and fellow writer Chris Iverson. It’s nice! Second time since the fall. Weather was good. We went out to wander around and also ride a new train line that just opened up, connecting Downtown Denver with Denver International Airport, which is […]

Photo Essay: The Vacant Storefronts of Lyn-Lake

Lot going on in South Minneapolis lately! Just yesterday, the public got wind of two new proposals for buildings along the Midtown Greenway–five and six story buildings on both sides of Grand Avenue directly south of the Greenway. While there has recently been lots and lots of redevelopment west of Lyndale Avenue along what is […]

Metro Area Fortune 500 Company Profits, 2015

Charts of the Day: Downtown East Commons Fundraising Shortfall vs. Local Fortune 500 Company Profits, 2015

That planned park across from the new Vikings stadium in Minneapolis’ Downtown East neighborhood won’t have firepits–darn. Also, the fundraising effort for it is short by about $10 million dollars, out of about $22 million dollars that the Downtown Council and others have been looking for to fund this here park: Yesterday, the Star Tribune reported that […]

2015! Today!

Hi there! One last post about our 2015 end of year celebration! I’m excited! Are you excited? You better be excited. We will be up on the roof (it is of course an enclosed area) of the Eitel building right across the street from Loring Park, looking out onto Holidazzle. You should come! You […]

2015 – Thursday!

Well, hello there! Hopefully you are enjoying this “December” as much as possible. We have our big event coming up in a few days! That’s right–our big 2015 streets.fundraiser is this Thursday, December 17. After some careful and measured reflection late last week, the board mulled it over and we’re going to re-tool the fundraiser […]

The 278 Story Parking Ramp Downtown Minneapolis Would Need Without Transit

There are about 160,000 workers in the greater Downtown Minneapolis area–you can see them formatting spreadsheets, etc. from very faraway. About 40% of those workers take transit into downtown, which is great! What if they did not take buses and trains, and they drove their cars instead? Well, a lot of things–they’d be less healthy, […]

2015 streets.fundraiser – Thursday, December 17th

Hello there,! All of you! There are many. Since our humble beginnings in 2012, we’ve grown into an organization with over a hundred writers. Those writers have produced thousands of posts, which have in turn been read by hundreds of thousands of readers across Minnesota, the United States, and even the world. Some of […]

Cat Money

Pet Fees + Pet Deposits + Pet Rent = Petposterous

Please donate to for the “streets to the max” day! Thank you for your support. It’s often been said that “[animals are] man’s best friend.” Women, too–they are also tight with animals. Many people have and own their own animals in addition to consuming different types of animals, and they are generally very protective […]