Roundabout Myths (video)

A local engineering firm is out with a new video debunking 10 common roundabout “myths,” which surely wouldn’t stump our wonderful readership.

Rochester City Councilor Michael Wojcik posted a link to this video on his blog:

While I suspect the publishers would never admit it, poor decision making by the Rochester City Council likely led to the creation of this educational video. The firm that created this video, Stonebrooke Engineering, was the same firm that recommended a round about at the intersection of 16th street and Mayowood Road. Many of the 10 myths debunked here were the talking points from Mayor Brede and Councilmember Ed Hruska who led the decision to ignore the professional recommendation. They actually show our intersection in the video.

The star-studded video feature stars:

  • University of St. Thomas students
  • Joe Gustafson, Washington County Traffic Engineer
  • Ken Johnson, MnDOT Pavement & Traffic Engineer
  • Sarah Jane Nicoll, Mayor of Sartell
  • An uncredited motorist failing to stop behind the crosswalk at 4:42
  • Tiffani Nielson, MN State Patrol Lieutenant
  • Jodi Teich, Stearns County Engineer
  • A City of Minneapolis truck hanging out in the City of Richfield at 11:50 (!?)
  • The Rochester intersection to which CM Wojcik alludes, at 13:00

I’m expecting this to receive numerous nominations during award and festival season.

Matt Steele

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