Sunday Summary – January 15, 2017

sunday-summary-logoIt’s been a very light week for posts, but we have one big picture post and one delightfully detail-filled post. In organizational news, the board met for its regular meeting yesterday and we continue to work toward greater transparency and additional ways to engage with you, our readers and members. We’ll be working to publicize our meetings, post agendas and minutes, and broadcast opportunities to work on committees, attend events, and more. We also had an extended discussion of what membership should look like and what benefits there could be when you click the blue blue button to the right to join Stay tuned for more or tell us more in the comments.

Big Picture

Jay Walljasper writes about Tapping the Power of Place to Keep Us All Healthy. “One number stands above all others as the best indicator of good health.  It’s not your blood pressure, cholesterol level, average daily calories or even the age at which your grandparents die.  It’s your zip code.” After starting with the bad news, this post highlights the new report The Case for Healthy Places report released by Project for Public Spaces which reviews the inequities across the nation, but also offers a prescription for placemaking for healthier places by working to improve social support and interaction, play and active recreation, green and natural environments, healthy food, and walking and bicycling.

Photo: Project for Public Spaces

Photo: Project for Public Spaces

Small details

Combing Through Minnesota’s Attic documents another of Wolfie Browender’s bike rides around Saint Paul.  This time (from August 2015), Wolfie rides to and from the Minnesota Historical Society’s Record Center in the North End through Macalester-Groveland, Summit-University, Frogtown, and Payne-Phalen neighborhoods. As always, he finds much history to tell us about, both at the large Minnesota Historical Society repository and along the way.

These boxes on 18 foot high shelves contain judicial records and manuscripts. The Records Center has been getting these boxes since the History Center storage reached capacity.

MHS Records Center 18′ high shelves.


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