Chart of the Day: Twin Cities New Housing by Urban Type, 2005-2016

The Met Council data crunchers have a new housing report out with the latest year’s worth of data. Here are three chart-y highlights:

According to the report, there is still a lot of “balance” in the forces of housing in the Metro area.

The report says this about the recent years’ trend:

In our five-year retrospective report on the region’s residential construction published last year, we described how the geography of new residential construction shifted since 2000—specifically, that new residential construction had become more balanced across the region following the Great Recession.3 Urban Centers issued the largest share of permits in 2016 (29%), followed by Suburban Edge communities (21%), and Emerging Suburban Edge communities (19%) (Figure 3). Notably, permits issued by Suburban communities declined 23% between 2015 and 2016, while permits issued in Emerging Suburban Edge communities increased 39% in the same period.

Finally, here’s some more data breaking out those new units in terms of housing type, e.g. single-family.

As the Met Council team explains, townhomes are down. They are so 2005, not at all cool now.

Check out the full five-page report here.

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