Buy Your Ticket Today for the Winter Fundraiser Party!

In one week, is throwing a fun party that you won’t want to miss.

That’s right, it’s the Annual Streets Winter Fundraiser Festivity!

There are lots of reasons why you should buy a ticket right now.

For example, here are six (6!) unbeatable reasons.

#1. Your ticket helps support!

Proceeds go to support this great site that you’re reading right now.

#2. You get great food from Gerald Klass and Klassics’ Catering, out of North Minneapolis.

#3. You get great organic beer from Bang Brewing, out of Saint Paul’s Midway.

#4. You get great entertainment about urbanism, writing, and humorous anecdotes about covering community meetings about parking courtesy of the Theater of Public Policy, and special guests Fred Melo of the Pioneer Press and Eric Roper of the Star Tribune.

#5. You get you hang out with friends, and chat in person about streets!

#6. You get a great view from the top of the Pillsbury A-Mill lofts! Seriously, it’s spectacular.

Don’t miss it! Get your ticket today:

The event is one week from today at the historic Pillsbury A-Mill in downtown Northeast Minneapolis. Hope to see you there.

The view from the top of arguably Minneapolis’ most historic building.

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