The West Broadway Open Streets Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest is Tomorrow!

41788488 973285959520502 5917766065399529472 NWest Broadway Open Streets is tomorrow, and will be there tabling, talking, and hanging out on one of Minneapolis most dynamic, historic, and interesting streets. Please stop by!

We’re also putting on the first ever Open Streets scavenger hunt photo contest! We hope to do this for Open Streets event in the future, but there’s no better place to kick it off than West Broadway.

Here are the rules.

While you’re at Open Streets, walk around, grab your phone, and take pictures of the following items.

  • An artists’ signature on a mural
  • An unusual sewer cover
  • Something with stripes on it
  • A sign in a non-English language
  • A hand-written sign taped to a window
  • A corner-oriented doorway
  • An abandoned or mothballed drive-thru
  • A public staircase
  • A sign missing letters
  • A non-US flag
  • A non-ADA curb cut
  • A memorial plaque
  • A building with a date on it
  • An artistic trash can
  • A “No Loitering” sign
  • A sign saying “Old Highland”

Find as many of these things as you can. When you’re done, send your pics as an attachment to (You might want to make the file sizes smaller, use a Dropbox, or whatever.)

The winner will get a free copy of a great photography coffee table book, Minneapolis-Saint Paul: Then and Now, in the mail.

Have fun exploring West Broadway and good luck!

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Bike racks and a “sidewalk closed” sign.

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Surveillance camera and a “road work” sign.

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