It’s Fun to Take a Walk and Rate Houses







Carolyn Swiszcz

About Carolyn Swiszcz

Carolyn Swiszcz is a printmaker-painter whose work mainly depicts buildings and signs. She's also the creator of Zebra Cat Zebra, a monthly mini-zine available by mail subscription. She lives with her family in West St. Paul.

8 thoughts on “It’s Fun to Take a Walk and Rate Houses

  1. Lindsey WallaceLindsey Wallace

    This is adorable. My favorite thing is walking around Minneapolis neighborhoods admiring the cute houses.

  2. Trent

    But this is you forgot the most important consideration, +10 points for each additional mailbox!

  3. Matt Brillhart

    This is my favorite style of house in Minneapolis (particularly the 4th drawing). The front chimney, the archway, I love it all. Hope I’m lucky enough to live in one someday. (But I should probably go to some open houses to see what the floorplans are like)

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