Iron Clad Mixed-Use Development Opening “Mid-June”

Iron Clad Render

The Iron Clad project includes market-rate apartments, a new Moxy hotel, and retail.

Iron Clad broke ground on October 23, 2017, and now nearly 18 months later, the project is close to completion. According to a leasing spokesperson, the 166 market-rate apartments and 153-key hotel will be opening in “mid-June” with retail opening up later. As of April 15, the development has no signed leases for retail space.

As we have seen with the East End development across Chicago Ave (what some affectionately call the “fish scale building”), it has been difficult to completely lease out ground-floor retail space. At East End, Sherman Associates is opening a franchise Starbucks in less than a month, a Starbucks location where baristas and shift managers are employees of Sherman.

Iron Clad Viaduct

Today’s Iron Clad development is bordered by a rail viaduct right-of-way. Photo: 1941 Minnesota Historical Society, included in developer documents.

The Iron Clad first came before the Planning Commission Committee-As-A-Whole in April 2016, then proposing “166 market rate residential apartments, 153 hotel units, 13,918 sf of retail space and 465 structured parking stalls and 30,000 square feet of office space.”

Now in 2019, the project still is slated for 166 apartments, a 153-key “Moxy” hotel, but with retail space increased to 14,918 square feet. Because this project started before the inclusionary zoning ordinance passed, there was no requirement for an affordable component.

Council Member Steve Fletcher, who took office in January 2018, sees greater residential density supporting more retail density and public amenities. “The more apartments come online, and the more people move into the neighborhood, the more critical mass for customers there is.”

What would your ideal mixed-use project include? Are you a fan of glass, metal panels, brick, or something else? What kind of retail or restaurant would you like to see open in your neighborhood?

Photos of the project as of April 15

Iron Clad Development View From North Side Of Washington

The view of Iron Clad from the north side of Washington on an undeveloped strip parcel on April 15. Photo: Author

Iron Clad Now Leasing Signage

Iron Clad is now leasing for retail and office tenants. Photo: Author

Iron Clad Stairs At Rail Right Of Way

There is a pedestrian frontage that follows rail right-of-way that divides the two land parcels. Photo: Author

Iron Clad Metal Panel Siding

The Iron Clad development is sheathed in black metal panelling and large glass windows. Photo: Author

9 thoughts on “Iron Clad Mixed-Use Development Opening “Mid-June”

  1. David Wade

    Fingers crossed for Iron Clad! Thanks for asking about our favorite building materials. I’m a huge fan of buildings that can adapt to meet the changing economic opportunities of their neighborhood. That is why I am very optimistic about cross-laminated timber (CLT). It is a mass timber material that should allow for a huge range of remodeling options as it is made out of wood and wood is a very versatile material. Amazingly, CLT has been found to be highly resistant to fire as well.

  2. Alex SchieferdeckerAlex Schieferdecker

    I generally like this project. The height is what Washington and Chicago needs. Two things that I’m less a fan of:

    This project has too much parking. It got its final approval from the Planning Commission in February of 2017, with 191 housing units and 232 parking spaces. Anything above a 1:1 ratio downtown is a bummer.
    The renderings showed that the windows at the corner would be set in different directions with every floor, but it looks like that design feature got VE’d out. I had really liked that look, and am disappointed that it was removed.

    1. Cobo R

      There is a hotel there too that would also use parking spaces.

      Combined hotel rooms and apartments is ~319 so 232 parking spaces seems appropriate, maybe even a tad light…

  3. Jack

    I think buildings downtown should be made of brick and/or stone, period. Anything else just looks flimsy and cheap.

    Also, I thought an Ironclad was a 19th-century battleship.

  4. Ben

    Well, I could be wrong, but I believe diversity is an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.

  5. Sanguinic

    Pearl and the Thief, a restaurant/bar, is moving into the building. The restaurant, operated by chef Justin Sutherland, originally opened in Stillwater.

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