Post-a-Palooza – Thursday, August 22!

Photo of Blackstack Brewing


Do you have an idea for a post that you’ve been sitting on for a while but haven’t brought yourself to actually write, or maybe a half-written post that you’re not sure how to finish? Have you wanted to write for but aren’t quite sure what to write about?

Join contributors for a post-a-palooza, which will basically be a co-working session/happy hour focused on getting those thoughts onto (virtual) paper. Drink beer or your preferred NA beverage, ask questions, proofread posts, help write a sentence or two, or just sit next to each other in silence and let the presence of other writers help motivate you. We’ll meet at Blackstack Brewing on Thursday, August 22 from 6 to 9 pm. Stay the whole time, or drop in whenever it’s convenient for you – just make sure your laptop is charged, as outlet availability is limited.

Blackstack has plenty of comfy seating and a variety of beers on tap, including several non-IPAs for those who are tired of the trend or were never into it in the first place. They also sell non-alcoholic beverages such as La Croix and a variety of sodas. If you’re hungry, Kabomelette Food Truck will be there, or you can order delivery. We hope to see you there!

About Alicia Valenti

Alicia is the chair of the 2021 board. A transplant to the Twin Cities who works on small and large transit projects across the Midwest, she likes to write for about bikes, winter and fun things to do on transit.

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