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Brit Builds an ADU: Bye-Buy Garage

So, if you looked closely at the surveyor’s description for our garage slab last time you would have seen it said “(No Structure)”. That is because we sold it! (+$1000 to our budget) Apparently selling a garage to be rebuilt elsewhere is a thing you can do, and it saves us the expense of sending an unwanted structure to the landfill. (Let alone the environmental savings.) Back near the beginning of this journey, all the way back in December ’18 or so, I had posted on here that our previous garage was gonna be in the way.

Picture of taupe garage through back window with s-shaped connection to alley.

Picture of taupe garage through back window with s-shaped connection to alley. Good-buy!


A local contacted me and we arranged for him to buy the garage sometime in the spring. In May or thereabouts they showed up with a couple guys and a big dumpster to put the parts in. First they took off the roof, then the trusses, then separated the walls and took those down individually, and finally we were left with a few cinder blocks, a big garage slab, and no fourth wall on our dog fence. Oops! Ahh well, we’ll get around to fixing that eventually but in the meantime are just letting Bloomers out on her lead.

20190528 090104

Garage with a roof being removed in preparation for transport


20190528 113341

The roof is gone! The garage is on her way.

20190529 161327

The garage is half gone, into this incredibly useful trailer.

20190530 121125

A view from the back window of the yard after garage is completely removed and extra stuff put into the small greenhouse.

And finally! Bonus puppy picture.

20190627 140401

Bloomers the brindle mutt: Consumer Watchdog.

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