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Sunday Summary – October 27, 2019

There is still time to Join the Board for Better Places in Minnesota; the deadline to apply is November 16.  Click through for more information about what’s involved.  And you can Join us for a C-Line Ride November 9! to Brooklyn Center, too.  And it’s Halloween coming up this week; this is the sidewalk holiday and a chance for you to enjoy streets and sidewalks before windchill becomes a big deal.

Election guide

This week, another response to Dan Choma’s Saint Paul Ward 1 Candidate Questionnaire: Liz De La Torre.  Responses from Dai Thao and Abu Nayeem are in the 2019 Election Guide.

Delatorre Liz Headshot

Saint Paul City Council candidate Liz De la Torre


A Proposal to Double Express Bus Frequency Without Increasing Costs by Saumik Narayanan took a detailed look at current southern metro express bus routes and how to improve frequency sayingm “Overall, I believe that I’ve designed an express bus system that works much better for transit riders than our current system. By consolidating similar routes and eliminating inefficiencies, my proposed system is able to increase the average bus frequency nearly 250% while only increasing travel times 3%. Most importantly, this increase doesn’t come with a heavy price tag, since the new system has the same number of buses, drivers, and individual trips as the old system.”  Comments have a rich back and forth with the author.

Express System Current

Our current express bus system in the south metro.


Tamara Jorell tells us another story of her neighborhood with Goodness.  Living in North Minneapolis, she heard much from people outside the neighborhood about why she shouldn’t live there, but “We lived alongside people we chose to love, whether or not it made sense to those peering in from the outside. And goodness pursued us even when it didn’t look like it could.”

basketball court

Neighborhood basketball court


Pedestrian Hit by Car. Driver OK, Say Authorities by Tim Pate flags both the “car-friendly” reporting about this recent pedestrian death and also on Lyndale Avenue as a street where people walking and biking are at risk, “The day Ferrara died was also the last day for the public to weigh in on the draft plan of Minneapolis’s “Vision Zero” initiative, which purportedly seeks to eliminate tragedies like Ferrara’s. Before finalizing their plan, I hope city officials take a field trip to Lyndale and try to cross the street themselves.”  The many comments consider fixes for Lyndale, debate some road law, and argue a bit about fault.

Lyndale at 25th

Lyndale Avenue at 25th Street

Regular features

Links! National Links: A New Way for Gas Stations from Jeff Wood and The Overhead Wire.

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