eyes. Volunteer to help us edit the great articles that appear on streets.mn

Create Change for a Better World; Be a Volunteer Editor for streets.mn

Do you want to make a positive volunteer contribution while still maintaining safe social distancing? Or do you know someone who does? Please help us pass the word. We need volunteer editors to join our Editorial Board and help proof articles before they get posted on streets.mn. It’s the perfect volunteer job because you only need a computer with an internet connection; no need for travel.

You do not have to have previous editorial experience, but you do need decent grammar skills. If you excelled at journalism, writing or communication in school, you have the skills we’re looking for.

An extra set of eyes helps streets.mn articles. Credit: Gratisography https://gratisography.com/license/

What’s involved?

You know how it almost always helps to have a second set of eyes review a written document before it gets shared? You get to be that second set of eyes! At streets.mn, we’re looking for people who can contribute a few hours per week, one day per week. You should be willing to learn some basic WordPress skills if you don’t have them. If you find articles about transportation very interesting, we’re your tribe of fellow nerds.

Writers will post a draft copy of their articles on our website, and your cool volunteer gig is to log into the website on your regular day or night, review the articles following our Editorial Workflow. You will ensure compliance with our Editorial Policy, try to smooth out grammar, check that links work, and communicate with writers to get their articles posted. You get to work with volunteer writers every week, and together, you make the world a little more interesting.

Jenny Werness and Erik Ruthruff from streets.mn will help support you. You can contact us at editor@streets.mn, leave a comment below, or use the Contact Us link.

Erik Ruthruff

About Erik Ruthruff

Pronouns: he/him

Erik is the content manager at Streets.mn and serves on the board and on the executive board. He has worked as an editor in IT for more than 30 years and brings that experience to the projects he helps initiate to Streets.mn. In his work life, Erik is a project manager for a software company and previously worked as an editor for several companies. In his spare time, he cycles and does non-profit work and plays D&D. Erik was a volunteer transportation commissioner on the Edina Transportation Commission from 2017-2020. He learned that everyone has an opinion about roads.