Extended Deadline! Become a streets.mn Board Member

Whew! The last few weeks have been a wild ride, to say the least. I will admit that a few things may have inadvertently fallen off of my to-do list. I imagine some of you might be able to say the same. 

That’s why streets.mn is extending its board recruitment period until Tuesday, November 17, at 10 AM. We understand that some of you who may have been interested in applying in October may have just needed a chance to catch your breath. Maybe you’ve even got some renewed excitement for all the work we need to do to build justice in our community – I know I do. 

As a reminder, the skills and perspectives we’re seeking to bring to the board include, but are not limited to: 

  • Outreach experience 
  • Broaden our racial and/or socioeconomic diversity
  • Candidates with experience performing racial equity work
  • Greater Minnesotans
  • Brand Manager – social media
  • Individuals from historically-marginalized communities who bring differing perspectives on transportation and land use in their communities

Click here to fill out your application. We’re excited to hear from you!

About Katie Emory

Katie Emory is a Master's candidate in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Minnesota. She is a strong believer in the healing powers of better transportation infrastructure and policy for our minds, bodies and planet. Outside of school and work you might find her doing yoga, embroidery, or spending time with her cat, Mika.

About Glen Johnson

Pronouns: he/him

Glen has lived in the Twin Cities nearly his whole life and lives a car-free life in downtown Minneapolis. He thinks a lot about land use and the policies and incentives that shape where and how we live. He’s currently Streets.mn Co-Chair, a member of the Transportation Advisory Board at the Met Council, and recently joined the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Board.

Andy Monserud

About Andy Monserud

Andy is a South St. Paul native and St. Paul local with a passion for bike and train travel and a habit of talking loudly about both with anyone who will listen. He joined the streets.mn board in 2021, around the time he started getting into Deep Space 9. He also plays and listens to bad folk-punk and is a sucker for tabletop and video RPGs. He writes about courts for money and other things for fun.