Author: Katie Emory

Katie Emory

Katie Emory is a Master's candidate in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Minnesota. She is a strong believer in the healing powers of better transportation infrastructure and policy for our minds, bodies and planet. Outside of school and work you might find her doing yoga, embroidery, or spending time with her cat, Mika.

Join the Board of Directors in 2022

The ways we get around, work, socialize, travel, and play have changed dramatically in the last year, and so much is still in flux. These are some questions that have been weighing on my mind: How can we maintain and improve an effective transit system as many shift from daily commuting to remote work? How […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Beth Evanson Makhoul

Today’s volunteer spotlight shines on none other than the illustrious Beth Evanson Makhoul, whose tireless efforts as the Events Committee co-chair help to get us meeting one another off the comments section and at face-to-face social events (remember those?). Beth’s journey to began while she pursued her graduate degree in Architecture at the University of Minnesota. There, […]

Morning Coffee with this Sunday

Imagine yourself waking up on a Sunday morning, pouring yourself a cup of hot coffee and snuggling under a blanket on your favorite chair, your four-legged friend curled up sleeping by your feet. Outside your window is a collage of fall colors: maroon, gold and green hues, and you’re vaguely aware of the hum of […] Statement on Killing of George Floyd

The killing of George Floyd was a horrific event that highlights not only deeply embedded social inequalities but also the structural inequalities in our urban planning and built environment. In fact, these two are deeply intertwined. We condemn the actions of Derek Chauvin of the Minneapolis Police Department, as well as fellow MPD officers Tou […]

Join the Board for Better Places in Minnesota

Do you love reading Are you interested in taking a leadership role in shaping conversations about the future of urbanism in Minnesota? If the answer is yes (and if you’re reading this now, there’s a good chance it is), then has got the opportunity for you! is excited to announce that we […]

Join for a Special Gift

Hello, my fellow snow-shoveling, salt-shuffling, sofa-snuggling readers! Whether you’re new to the site or a veteran, there has never been a better a better time to join as a member. Why, you ask? Because if you join today through December 19 (the date of the winter fundraiser), you will receive not […]

No Parking during School Hours Sign

The Curb is Everything

The curbside has long been overlooked and is playing a growing role in our increasingly multimodal society.  It was a main topic of conversation when I attended the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) Conference in Los Angeles earlier this month. During one of the sessions, the Parking Manager of Pasadena, CA, Jon Hamblen, […]