Urbanist Twitchstream: streets.mn Visits Tony Hawk’s “Minneapolis” — Friday 7pm

It’s been a long pandemic year and those of us planning events at streets.mn are getting a bit stir crazy. So we’re launching a new series of events. We’re going to visit virtual cities in computer games and stream our hot urban design takes on Twitch for you!

We’re kicking it off with a visit to the “Downtown Minneapolis” that appears in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. It’s a game where you ride a skateboard around American cities. One of those cities is Minneapolis!

Spoiler: it does not much resemble actual Minneapolis.

With a group of bona fide urbanists from actual Minneapolis, we’ll compare and contrast what we find there. Plus, we’re going to have actual skateboard Phil Schwartz on hand in the stream, who will be able to help us understand things like “what is a skateboard” and “why is downtown Minneapolis good or bad for skateboarding” and other big questions of the day.

Join us Friday at 7pm on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/devericmn

Q: What is Twitch?

A: It’s a streaming site where you can watch videos and comment, mostly about video gaming. Please join us on this stream and comment and explore “Minneapolis” with a streets.mn crew.

If it’s fun we’ll do it again with some other virtual city.

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