eyes. Volunteer to help us edit the great articles that appear on streets.mn

Streets.mn Is Looking for Volunteer Editors!

Do you often marvel at how sparklingly perfect each Streets.mn article is, and wish you could be part of the amazing team that helps polish those stories to a sheen before they go live? Or perhaps the spelling, grammar and punctuation you see on this site routinely drives you to distraction, and you wish you could do something about it.

We hope it’s not the latter, but if you fall into either category, we have a perfect opportunity for you!

We are looking for two volunteer editors to join our editorial team and help copy-edit and proof articles before they get posted on Streets.mn.

No previous editorial experience is necessary, but you do need decent grammatical and research skills. If you excelled at journalism, writing or communication in school, you have the skills we’re looking for. If you find transportation, climate change mitigation, people-centered spaces or how social pressure drives housing development to be fascinating topics, we’re your tribe of fellow/sister nerds.

What’s Involved?

You know how it almost always helps to have a second set of eyes review a written document before it gets shared? You get to be that second set of eyes!

We’re looking for people who can contribute two to five hours per week. You should be willing to learn some basic WordPress (our website’s content management system) skills if you don’t have them.

Writers will post a draft copy of their articles on our website after the managing editor has reviewed them at Google Doc stage, and your cool volunteer gig is to log into the website a day or two before your assigned publication day and review the articles following our Editorial Workflow.

  • You will ensure compliance with our Editorial Policy, smooth out grammar, check that links work, check facts that don’t seem right to you and communicate with writers to get their articles posted.
  • You get to work with volunteer writers every week, who generally are passionate about their content; and together, you make the world a little more interesting.

Micah Davison (that’s me, editor in chief), Managing Editor Amy Gage and Content Manager Erik Ruthruff from Streets.mn will help support you. You can contact us at [email protected] or use the Contact Us link.

About Micah Davison

Micah is the editor in chief at Streets.mn. He moved to the Twin Cities in 2019, hailing from Canada by way of Boston. Always a lover of rivers, he feels he's landed in a pretty good town, and spends much time during the warm months enjoying the local watercourses. During the winter, he does what he needs to keep biking through whatever unholy combination of cold, snow and ice nature throws our way.