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Alex enjoys blogging on his iPhoneDroid while stuck in traffic on his 90 minute daily commute to Roseville from bucolic Staggerford.

Fine Cycling in Copenhagen

The Copenhagen Post reports on huge increases in fines for various cycling traffic violations in Denmark: Biking fines, effective Jan 1 Cycling without lights in the dark: 700 kr (US$119.58) Using a hand-held mobile phone while biking: 1,000 kr (US$170.84) Missing or defective brakes or reflectors: 700 kr (US$119.58) Cycling through a red light: 1,000 […]

Cedar Lake Trail Speed Limit: Back From the Grave

  In spite of City promises, a 10 mph speed limit has been signed on the Cedar Lake Trail.  This is old news – I got the picture a couple months ago and I’d guess it was added in the City’s signing binge around August or September. I’m not necessarily opposed to speed limits for […]