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Benjamin McDaniel

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I am a native of Norman, Oklahoma. As an undergraduate at the University of Oklahoma, I became familiar with Geography through Bret Wallach, a cultural geographer from the late Sauer years. As a graduate student, I continued in that academic lineage working with Rod Squires, a cultural geographer with interests in the history of public land, private property ownership and Native American treaty rights in the United States. My dissertation project began with a broad interest in the descriptive economic geography of U.S. urban real estate; an interest that evolved into a more specific focus upon the impact of state property tax policy on local government finances in the Twin Cities. I currently teach at North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park

The Affordable Housing Income Conundrum in the Twin Cities

Seven years ago, I moved to the Twin Cities to start graduate school. The offer I received from the department was straightforward: Work with some great minds, with a full tuition benefit, and live on a fixed income for at least nine months out of the year. The income was set to about 150% of […]