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Matt Mazanec

About Matt Mazanec

Matt has been a community activist since moving to Dayton's Bluff and during this time has pushed for improved housing, safer streets and historic preservation. He has long lobbied for improved pedestrian and bicycle improvements in the neighborhood and calming streets to improve access and livability for all who use them. Professionally he is a tour guide working mostly internationally giving him perspective for calming traffic and improving non-motorized traffic from all over the world. He has been renovating his own 19th century house for over a decade in the Dayton's Bluff neighborhood.

The Problem with East Sixth Street in St. Paul

East Sixth Street in Dayton‚Äôs Bluff has an identity crisis. Is it a residential street? Is it a minor arterial street? Is it a street to just get to and from interstate 94? In its current state I would say that depends on your perception of the street, how a person uses it and what […]