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NIEBNA, Old St. Anthony, CenHen: An Exercise to Name a Nameless Place

Some of the greatest places have some of the greatest names. The Grand Canyon is fairly self-explanatory–it’s a canyon, and it is rather grand. Coney Island, with its imagination-inducing name referring to an isolated floating group of processed meats, juxtaposes the lighthearted, artificially-flavored entertainment district in New York. Then again, some great places have ambiguous names, barely describing the locales geography in […]

Sunday Summary – July 19, 2015

‘Tis been a hot and humid week here in Minnesota, but we have not been just sitting around drinking lemonade here at streets.mn.  Writers have been at community events, continuing to chew over transit planning/projects, and getting on their bikes. Here are the week’s posts sorted and summarized so you can read what you need […]