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How transportation and land use issues impact communities of color has been built and maintained by a dedicated group of volunteer writers and an audience of readers who care deeply about transportation and land use issues in the Twin Cities. To continue to advance the site’s mission and to grow as an institution, we are launching Crosswalks, a series covering how transportation and land use issues impact communities of color in Minnesota, written by people with lived experience in those communities.

The goal of Crosswalks is to bring new voices to and provide a platform for underrepresented perspectives. To that end, we’re asking for pitches for stories, essays, features, or multimedia projects that fit the topic area.

For established journalists or writers with previously published work, the rate is 50 cents a word, with pieces expected to run between 800 and 1,200 words. We also welcome pitches from aspiring journalists or first-time writers and will compensate them for their time. 

If interested, please contact the Editor in Chief at In about three to five paragraphs, please describe the story or project you propose, the angle you would take, and what sources or community members you would plan to interview or feature.

Writing for uses WordPress to publish posts and organize our site. All submitted posts are reviewed and copy-edited by the volunteer editorial group. The editors ensure posts meet our common-sense Editorial Policy intended to foster active, civil conversation about cities, streets, and places and the people in them. The editors can also offer guidance on using WordPress, reviewing drafts, or troubleshooting posts.

To set up a contributor account, get more information, or ask a question about writing for, contact the Editor in Chief at