Podcast #9 – The Death and Life of Passenger Rail with Mike Hicks

St Paul’s newly remodeled Union Depot train station.

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It’s an interview with our very own contributor, Mike Hicks. Mike also blogs about  rail transportation at Hi/Zeph/400, and he and met up a little while ago in downtown Minneapolis next to the old Milwaukee Road Depot. The train station is a hotel now, but that didn’t stop us from imagining what it was like back in the heyday of passenger rail, or from me forcing Mike to make some predictions the state of Twin Cities rail a decade from now.

We had a great conversation about trains in the Twin Cities. I hope you enjoy it!

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One Response to Podcast #9 – The Death and Life of Passenger Rail with Mike Hicks

  1. Matt Ides September 13, 2012 at 8:02 am #

    Nice interview. I still guess the joke it 1 train a day for Union Depot.

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