Podcast #11 – Janne Flisrand Explains the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition

Yours truly failing to press ‘record’

This episode is a conversation with Janne Flisrand about the state of bicycling in Minneapolis in general, and the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition in particular. Janne is a long-time bicycle advocate in Minneapolis and one of the key organizers with the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition. I caught Janne, at her suggestion, during last week’s Park(ing) Day event, easily my favorite annual public space slash public art slash urban design hybrid moments. We were parked at a table along Washington Avenue, handing out coffee and conversation to the few passers by that downtown Minneapolis has to offer. (We also put in a plug for this weekend’s Lowry Avenue Open Streets event, coming up on Saturday.)

One final caveat: I made a promise a few weeks back that the audio problems I’d been having were behind us, that I’d finally cracked the sound barrier and figured out how to use the microphones that I own. Well, that was a lie. It’s kinda true, in that I figured out how to connect my Samson Meteor mic to my computer. But when it comes to the Zoom H-2, I haven’t quite figured out how to use the ‘record’ button properly. I forget what the acronymn is for computer tech people when they joke about how the problem exists between keyboard and chair, but that’s the issue here. Anyway, I didn’t turn my mic on, and so I did my best with the half of the audio that came out. The good news is that the mic that isn’t working is the one that I was speaking into, so at least you don’t have to listen to me deep breathing the whole time. Plus, Janne is far more interesting than I am!

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