Podcast #1 — Stadiums, Casinos, NIMBYs, and LRT with Nate Hood and Spencer Agnew

Yet another stadium rendering.

Due to my own lazyness, I’m posting an old podcast this week that hasn’t yet been added to the archive. We taped this conversation last November with a few of the other regular writers here at before we’d officially launched the site.

Enjoy this blast from the past! It’s almost been 10 months!

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In this episode we’re talking with Nate Hood and Spencer Agnew, both of whom are pillars of the Twin Cities urban blogging community. You can find Nate’s writing on his blog, Thoughts on the Urban Environment, and Spencer’s writing is at

We sat down a little over a week ago at the Aster Café, a lovely bar and restaurant nestled in a failed downtown mall along Minneapolis’s St Anthony Main area. The building itself is the oldest continually operating commercial building in the city, and was originally built in 1855 as a brick factory. Nate, Spencer, and I discussed a variety of topics, including the proposals for the Vikings Stadium, NIMBYism in the Twin Cities, the plusses and minuses of a downtown casino, Block E, and what’s happening along the Central Corridor during construction.

This was my first attempt to create a podcast, and it was a little bit experimental. Unfortunately, the experiment didn’t go so well. The sound quality is very bad and one of the microphones didn’t work. I did my best to filter out the noise and equalize the levels of our voices, but feel free to stop listening if you can’t stand the audio quality.


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