Podcast #12 – Twin Cities v. Europe with Douglas Mack

Douglas Mack eating fondue in Zurich (for research purposes only).

In this episode, I sat down with Douglas Mack, a funny and brilliant  travel writer based in Minneapolis. His recent book, Europe on Five Wrong Turns a Day, is a tale of venturing through Europe using a guide book from 1963, and in our conversation, I chatted with Doug about his travels, particularly trying to figure out how the best European cities compare to Minneapolis and St Paul.

We discussed why Brussels and Amsterdam are the cities, our love/hate relationship with pedal pubs,  and why Jean Nouvel’s Guthrie Theater’s design is half-baked. We had a great conversation last Sunday afternoon in the Dunn Brothers overlooking the Mississippi River. And what’s more, I successfully operated all the audio equipment. Enjoy this week’s podcast.

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3 thoughts on “ Podcast #12 – Twin Cities v. Europe with Douglas Mack

  1. Mike Hicks

    This was a fun conversation to listen to — I enjoyed learning where Douglas works as a tour guide and how that influences his perspective on Minneapolis.

  2. Doug Mack

    Thanks for going easy on me, Bill. I appreciate it. Believe me, though–I find it just as absurd as anyone. Thanks for having me on the podcast; it was a really fun chat!

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