Podcast #17 – Stuff About Stuff About Minneapolis with Paul Merrill

mpls dustys bar

Dusty’s Bar in Northeast Minneapolis

This podcast this week is a conversation with Paul Merril, a life long resident of Minneapolis and/or Robbinsdale, who writes the amazing local history and urban planning tumblr website, Stuff About Minneapolis. We met the other day at the beautiful North Loop bar, Club Jager, to go behind the scenes of Paul Merril’s website. We had an excellent conversation about Minneapolis history, Paul’s favorite building, the Mall of America, and the best things about Robbinsdale. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

(Next week’s podcast will be an interview with Susan Marks, who did the historical research for the recently released PBS documentary about University Avenue, which is airing tonight on TPT if you’re reading this today (Tuesday). Look forward to that sometime next week.)

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