Podcast #22 – Debating Dinkytown Density with Chris Meyer

A surface parking lot in Dinkytown.

A surface parking lot in Dinkytown.

This podcast this week is a conversation with Chris Meyer, a former University of Minnesota student, Dinkytown resident, and member of the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood board. Chris is one of the people working on a solution for problems surrounding density and parking tensions in Dinkytown, the mixed-use neighborhood right on the edge of the large University campus. All the recent development proposals for the area have generated debate over how to properly encourage and limit the right kind of development for this unique part of the city.

I sat down with him this week in a nook in the back of the Kitty Cat Klub, one of dinkytown’s hot spots. Our conversation covered the latest theories about parking economics, the city’s policy on residential parking minimums, and how best to bridge the divide between town and gown, students and older residents in Minneapolis. I had a pretty bad cold when I taped this. I’m feeling better now, but at the time was sniffling like a strawberry shake a Annie’s parlor. So, my apologies. I hope you enjoy this excellent conversation.

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