Podcast #26 – thirty two magazine’s urban zeitgeist with Katie and Guy Eggers

This week’s podcast is a conversation with Katie and Guy Eggers, the founders and publishers of thirty two magazine, a new literary monthly based in Minneapolis. As they describe it, thirty two is Minnesota’s forward looking culture and ideas magazine, filled with stories about how Minnesota connects to globe, stories about contemporary changes in art, food, and urban design, and thought pieces on the zeitgeist. (You might remember them from Brendon’s recent piece on one of their stories, about 22 big ideas for our city. Idea #5? An urban gondola.)

Guy and Katie and I sat down on Valentine’s Day at Kopplin’s Coffee on St Paul’s Marshall Avenue to talk about the magazine, and its recent article on urban design “big ideas” for the Twin Cities. We had a conversation about the difference between Europe and the Midwest, the little bits of everyday life that create our collective culture, and small ways we can make Minneapolis and Saint Paul into more cosmopolitan cities. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

The audio is here. Take the streetcar to the end of the line on iTunes.

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