Podcast #30 – Minneapolis Ward 9 with City Council Candidate Tim Springer


Podcast action shot!

The podcast this week is a conversation with Tim Springer, who is running for city council minneapolis’s Ward 9, which covers the East Phillips and Powderhorn neighborhoods in South Minneapolis. Tim was the head of the Midtown Greenway for 19 years, and is a property owner and bicycle consultant in Ward 9. He’s running for city Council in the open seat in Ward 9, focusing on social equity, the green economy, and how to design fast safe and pleasant bicycle spaces in the city.

Tim and I sat down last week at the Guyaquil Restaurant on the corner of Lake and Bloomington, and we talked about the race, his platform, and how to look at Minneapolis challenges as all part of the same problem.

The audio is here, and feel free to subscribe to all the podcasts excitement at the feed.