Podcast #31 – Minneapolis Ward 13 with City Council Candidate Linea Palmisano

The podcast this week is another in our string of city council candidates interviews, a conversation with Linea Palmisano, who is running for City Council in Minneapolis’s Ward 13. Ward 13 is made up of the neighborhoods in the South West corner of the city, on the far side of Lake Harriet to the Richfield and Edina borders. Linea has been a board chair of the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council, worked with the Linden Hills Farmer’s Market, and organized a bicycle advocacy group in South West Minneapolis. She’s running for City Council in the open seat in Ward 13, focusing on property taxes, schools, and sustainable development.

Linea and I sat down last week in her backyard on the corner of France and Colgate, and we talked about the race, her platform, and the challenges of development in Southwest.

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