Podcast #33 – Minneapolis Ward 4 with City Council Candidate Kris Brogan

The podcast this week is another in our string of city council candidates, a conversation with Kris Brogan, who is running for city council in minneapolis’s Ward  4. The fourth ward covers the top of north Minneapolis, along the northern border of the city before it turns into robbinsdale and Brooklyn Center. Kris Brogan was the former housing and economic director for MAyor Sharon Sayles Belton, still works in development, and ran a small business for many years in the Victory neighborhood of North Minneapolis. She’s running for city Council in Ward 13, currently represnted by City Counicl President Barb Johnson, and her campaign is focused on neighborhood foreclosures, affordable housing, and economic development issues.

Kris and I sat down last week in The Warren, on the corner of 44th Avenue North and Osseo Road, and we talked about how she discovered this part of the city, the challenges of starting an Italian restaurant in Minneapolis, and how the internet changes development debates, often for the worse.

Click here for the audio. Chow down on the whole buffet at the feed.


2 thoughts on “Podcast #33 – Minneapolis Ward 4 with City Council Candidate Kris Brogan

  1. Ian Bicking

    I like her opposition to Bottineau as it’s being proposed. That the plan is moving forward skipping North Minneapolis… really awful, and a sign of really bad leadership on the part of the representatives up there.

    With respect to online participation, I feel like the problem is a lack of informed participation; the support projects get is weak, and if people pay attention it’s easy to derail them. Positive participation, and progressive participation is skimpy. So instead we get just get conservative (small-c) participation, i.e., NIMBYs. And too many projects try to sneak in because everyone is afraid of public participation, but I don’t think the public is nearly so negative as the participation would make it seem.

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