Podcast #34 – The Future of Car Sharing with Christopher Bineham

This week’s podcast is a conversation with Christopher Bineham, program manager for Hourcar, a local nonprofit car sharing operator in the Twin Cities. Christopher and I sat down last week on the patio at Fabulous Fern’s on Saint Paul’s Selby Avenue to talk about the debates over car sharing policies in Minneapolis, why car sharing makes sense for cities, and what a car sharing city might look like if all goes well in the future.

When I recorded this conversation, the Minneapolis city council was in the midst of a debate over a new car sharing pilot program using on-street parking spaces, and whether or not to include Hourcar in the pilot project. But last week, the council voted to open up the project to all car sharing vendors, including Hourcar, a new program called Car2Go, and others.

The link to the audio is here. Check out the whole fleet of recordings at the feed.


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