Podcast #41 – Improving Minneapolis with Mayoral Candidate Cam Winton

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The podcast this week is a conversation with Cam Winton, who is running for Mayor of Minneapolis. As you’re probably aware, incumbent three-term mayor R.T. Rybak is not running for re-election, and the race this year is a wide open contest. Can Winton, a wind power entrepreneur from Southwest Minneapolis, has been running one of the more creative campaigns so far, hosting regular press conferences from places like potholes.

I sat down with Cam the other day at the Dunn Brothers in the downtown Minneapolis skyway to talk about his view of land use and transportation issues in the city. We talked about why he dislikes streetcars and cycletracks, what he would do to get rid of petty regulations that get in the way of creative businesses, and Cam even took a few questions from our twitter followers, including taking a strong position about floaty noodles in Lake Nokomis. I hope you enjoy the conversation.

The link to the audio is here; get the whole 41-part series on the feed.

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