Flashback 1970s: New License Plates

New "Scenic" License Plate, 1977

New “Scenic” License Plate, 1977

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety announced on September 20, 1977, that it had begun issuing license plates with a new “canoeists on a tree-framed lake” design. The plates haven’t changed much in the 35 years since then. Bored with them yet?

Dave Kenney

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  1. Ecycled

    Not in the least. Many memories tied to that exact image. Having one parent a Minnesotan (Mpls to be exact) meant summer and winter vacations to the Twin Cities and surrounding countryside. We came from quite a ways away and there was always excitement when we saw our first MN license tag. I was an impressionable 12-year old when those came out. Keep ’em.

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