Podcast #48 – Potluck Minneapolis with Andy Sturdevant

The podcast this week is conversation with Andy Sturdevant, an artist and writer from Minneapolis. Andy has for years been the host of Saloon Saloon, the Twin Cities’ finest live arts and culture-themed witty magazine show and writes a weekly column about arts and urbanism for Minnpost. He has also just released a new book collection of his essays and drawings called Potluck Supper with Meeting to Follow, out this month from Coffee House Press, as well as hosting a interactive gallery show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts about mapping names for Minneapolis’ alleys.

I sat down with Andy Sturdevant a week or so ago at the Black Forest Inn to talk about his various art and city projects, the futuristic nowhere of “Metrodomeland”, Andy’s story of moving to Minneapolis from Kentucky back in 2-005, and about how precisely defining the character of Minneapolis. Full disclosure, Andy and I are friends and ended up having a great long talk that wandered almost as much as Andy does when leading tours through the city.

The link to the audio is here, and you can wander through the whole forgotten alley of podcasts at the feed.

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