Then & Now: The Mall of America site

Here are some more pics from the Borchert Aerial Map Archive of the Mall of America site in Bloomington by the Minnesota River. You can see it change from farmland to baseball stadium parking lots to mall parking lots, the airport grow, Bloomington homes fill in, freeway strip development, and the river valley.

(Sorry about the incomplete photo coverage of the area… I did the best I could.)

For an extra bonus, check out the development of the area from 1980 to the present using the neat Google Earth Engine.

[click on images to embiggen.]

then-and-now-5a then-and-now-5b then-and-now-5c then-and-now-5d then-and-now-5e then-and-now-5f

4 thoughts on “Then & Now: The Mall of America site

  1. Sean Hayford OlearySean Hayford Oleary

    Very interesting, especially (for me) the interchange of 494/Old Hwy 100 and Cedar Ave. If you’re driving on northbound Cedar, you’ll note that the bridge is significantly older than the southbound bridge. By the looks of these images, I assume that bridge was probably from around the 1960 picture.

    Also interesting in the 1960 picture how Cedar goes east to cross 494/100… presumably planning for the later freeway/expressway iteration that now runs east of the old Cedar Ave. It looks like the road was some sort of expressway, but not a full freeway, between 86th and 76th.

    A “then and now” nearby that would be of particular interest is the area in the vicinity of Crosstown and Cedar Ave. Even comparing 1991 to recent photos, it is dramatically different, as airport expansion (and noise teardowns) have completely altered the landscape.

  2. Rosa

    my grandparents lived right around there in the early ’50s, when my dad was in elementary school (and the then-brand-new neighborhood looked startlingly like parts of Bloomington still do, in photographs). I had the hardest time figuring out what Grandma meant when she said “where they build the baseball stadium!” at first.

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