Podcast #51 – Minnesota’s Exceptional Climate with Kenny Blumenfeld

The podcast this week is a conversation with Kenny Blumenfeld, a writer, storm chaser, and climate scientist who has taught meteorology and geography at the University of Minnesota and Metro State University for years. I have had the pleasure of reading Kenny’s semi-fortnightly weather reports, that offer details of weather events while explaining the complex meteorological forces that create them. These days, he’s working on a documentary about winter focused on Minnesota’s changing climate. Check it out!

We sat down last week at Senor Wong in downtown Saint Paul to talk about how Minnesota’s climate affects our cities, the great weather disasters of Minnesota history, the heat island effect, and why Minnesotans seem so hellbent on finding ways to stay inside all year long.

The link to the audio is here. Weather the whole storm at the podcast feed.

3 thoughts on “Podcast #51 – Minnesota’s Exceptional Climate with Kenny Blumenfeld

    1. Doug TrummDoug Trumm

      This was very enlightening. Strangely talking in a very local about climate change makes it easier to wrap my head around. Most of me is very worried about global warming, but part of me is guiltily happy about the prospect of warmer winters in Minnesota. If only this didn’t mean the collapse of worldwide climatic equilibrium!

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