The Lower Bridge to St. Anthony


Damn that old dam!

The Lower Bridge used to cross the Mississippi between 10th Avenue in Minneapolis and 2nd Avenue in old Saint Anthony. The bridge was built in 1874 as part of the Minneapolis and Saint Anthony merger agreement. This iron truss structure had a 17-foot roadway and sidewalks on both sides. Construction on a new 10th Avenue bridge began in 1926, and was completed three years later. In 1934 the old bridge was closed to vehicle traffic and the sidewalks were removed. The Lower was finally demolished in 1942. Scrap iron from the 19th century bridge was used in the war effort. One of the Lower Bridge’s stone piers still pokes up out of the swirling muddy waters near the University Of Minnesota’s steam plant. In recent years the pier has become a favorite perch for the rare Mississippi mermaid.


Looking East to St. Anthony in 1875


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