Podcast #59 – Designing the OMGTransit App with Matt Decuir

temp1The podcast this week is a conversation with Matt Decuir, a co-founder of OMG Transit, a Twin Cities’ transit and transportation app. Matt and I sat down this week at the downtown Minneapolis CoCo space in the old Grain Exchange building to talk about his soon to be released app and what it might mean for the future of transportation in the Twin Cities. We had a great talk all about the vagaries of GPS data, the importance of user experience, and how smart phone apps might help demystify the complexity around non-motorized transportation.

OMG Transit is still in beta, and isn’t going to be launched for a few months, and so it was fascinating to hear about some of the challenges and opportunities presented by smart cities, hackathons, and collaborations between urban designers and computer programmers. I think you’ll find this to be a great conversation!

The link to the audio is here. Stay tuned to all the past podcasts using the tab at the top.

3 thoughts on “Podcast #59 – Designing the OMGTransit App with Matt Decuir

  1. Edward

    Excellent! Beyond the sheer usefulness of transit apps/smart phones (I use a few), the points made throughout the podcast regarding transit, ridership, parking, land use, etc. are spot on. Thank you for posting and I welcome more of the same.

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