Podcast #60 – The Pros (and Cons) of the Move MN Bill

moveMN presser

A MoveMN Presser

The podcast this week is a conversation with a round table of streets.mn writers all about Move MN, the new transportation bill at the Minnesota Legislature this year. The bill raises money for roads using a statewide tax on wholesale gasoline, and raises money for transit using a metro area sales tax. It’s supported by a huge coalition of transportation (all kinds), construction, and economic development groups, and so we gathered anyone from streets.mn who was interested around a table at the One on One bike shop in downtown Minneapolis to talk about its pros and cons. At the table were streets.mn writers Robin Garwood, Matt Brillhart, Janne Flisrand, Mike Hicks, Nate Hood, Matt Steele, Tony Desnick, and myself. We talked for an hour about the chances for passage of the bill, whether it’s a game changer, and in our fantasy worlds, how we might fund Minnesota transportation in the future.

The link to the audio is here. Enjoy!

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