Chart of the Day – Bus Only Shoulders

Today’s Chart of the Day is a Map of MnDOTs world-leading Bus Only Shoulders Network.

Current and Planned Bus-only Shoulders on Twin Cities Freeways (and other roads)

Current and Planned Bus-only Shoulders on Twin Cities Freeways (and other roads)

Source: MnDOT  Annual Transportation Performance Report 2012

3 thoughts on “Chart of the Day – Bus Only Shoulders

  1. Sean Hayford OlearySean Hayford Oleary

    Their proliferation on non-freeways is concerning, as it creates an ambiguous situation for bicycles. I’ll point out specifically TH 47 University Avenue, TH 51 Snelling Avenue, Dakota CSAH 23 Cedar Avenue, and Scott CSAH 21 Herrgott Mem Dr.

    Does “authorized buses only” not apply to bikes, since bikes are always allowed on shoulders? Or is it violating a traffic control device to drive a bike on a bus-only shoulder? I was told by Dakota County engineers when asked that they’d rather I ride on the sidewalk, but that a bus would simply go around me if I were on the shoulder. I’ve never heard any law enforcement opinion of the matter (although I suspect they would prefer me on the bus-only shoulder than in the travel lane).

    Still, how hard would it be for the signs to say BUSES AND BICYCLES ONLY? Or “bicycles exempt” beneath it the existing sign.

  2. Brian T

    Bus Only Shoulders are a smart transportation design because they use existing freeway infrastructure to serve suburban communities using buses. These shoulders are just one example of why bus lines are an excellent option for suburban communities.

    Do we really need expensive light rails to the suburbs when the bus system is efficient and affordable? I have a difficult time imagining riders would give up their express buses for a light rail, which will be slower and limited to certain destinations.

    Instead, I hope our future streetcars and light rails will be equity focused starting with our most transit dependent communities.

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